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Why Advertise?

Who wouldn’t want to get their message, brand, logo or name advertised in a full colour A5 glossy magazine

which is delivered to homes and businesses in Portslade, Mile Oak and Fishersgate every month – GUARANTEED!


Benefits of advertising in the Portslade Local magazine;

Your advert seen online for months.  The latest and recent issues are available to view on our website.

At no extra cost you’ll be listed on our website with a link to your website.  No other local monthly magazine offers this.

Being such an informative & interesting read evidence tells us that the publication has a longer shelf life than newspapers

as people use it for reference throughout the month, which is constantly reinforcing your message/brand.

You can maximise your exposure by having an advert on our website to complement your magazine advert.

NO V.A.T.  An advantage of being a small independently run business is that we are not registered for VAT.

With all advertisers operating in or close to Portslade and with local events, articles of interest and

some excellent photography this truly is a local magazine aimed at your local customers.

Make your advert as unique and interesting as you like.  

Maybe use an advertorial to tell your local customers in more detail about yourself and what you have to offer.

Local people like using local businesses which is why our website is fast becoming the 'go to' website

for local trades and services.


We think magazine advertising is essential for your business but don't just take our word for it ...  Royal Mail comments that

"Door drops, such as brochures, effectively connect with a wide audience.

After all, 92% of people say they read door drops that get delivered to their home*."


In advertising, the term “effective frequency” is used to describe the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an

advertising message before the advertiser gets the desired response, whether that be buying a product,

or something as simple as remembering a message.


Marketing experts like to debate the “right ways” to calculate effective frequency.  Some say repeating a message three times will

work, while many believe the “Rule of 7” applies. There was a study from Microsoft investigating the optimal number of

exposures required for audio messages. They concluded between 6 and 20 was best.  


One thing is certain - Research proves messages are more effective when repeated.  Which is why we offer a 15% discount for 3 months.

Call us now on 01273 702853 / 07912 996229

*Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Iluminas 2014.

Very cost effective method for getting your message/brand to Portslade, Mile Oak & Fishersgate.